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Llew Haerthorne

Physical Age:49
World:East Continent
Family Heraldry:
Llew ♂

Character Details

The Man:

In appearance he strikes the common observer as fairly mundane if not unattractive, outside of his eyes for intellect is difficult to hide. His brown hair sits thick and uncomfortable on his head, having a tendency to be pushed this way and that as he rubs his hands through it. In all other matters he tries to maintain a casual tidiness, an overall demeanor as much as anything. As mentioned it is his eyes that are the most head-turning aspect of his physiognomy, being as they are green and lively beneath a prominent brow.

Llew is shorter than most men, though were he taller he would be considered to be of exceptionally fine build. He stands as if always regarding himself inwardly or otherwise being afraid to make himself stand out too much.

In terms of clothes he favours dark colours; browns, blues, blacks and reds, sometimes highlighted by white undershirts.
Date Character Name Event
2018-03-23 Llew Began his career in Vix Tiramora.
2018-03-31 Llew Elected as Representative of Tota
2018-04-19 Llew Elected as Governor of Xavax
2018-05-06 Llew Elected as General of Vix Tiramora
2018-05-26 Llew Elected as Governor of Isadril
2018-07-05 Llew Founded the guild "Isadril Military Academy".