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South Island Character Creation Enabled - posted on Wed Oct 27 at 16:42:07 by Ethan Lee Vita

Character creation on the war island (South Island) has now been enabled, and the Startup phase, limiting travel to one rogue region beyond the realm, has been completed and disabled.

South Island Rewards and Reset - posted on Wed Oct 20 at 01:42:51 by Ethan Lee Vita

Congratulations to Taselak for achieving total domination of the Seventh War Island (South Island) over Ikalak and Sandalak on July 25, 2021. And after they'd won the Sixth, too! Will they win a third-in-a-row or will Sandalak strike back? Or will Ikalak finally win its first War Island?

Taselak Victory Rewards are as follows:

South Island has now been reset, with the island in startup mode. In startup mode, there is no travelling beyond one rogue region outside the realm. Anarchy elections will be held for rulers, who will then establish governments. New character creation will be enabled Wednesday, October 27.

Reset roleplay and realm themes are as follows:

Sepia-Toned Dreams

Falling into a mass slumber, everyone shared the dream Sepia had dreamt and then more. They dreamt of their Taselakian society supreme and mighty, reigning over the South Island as Taselak Undivided. They saw their future to come: the pursuit for excellence, the glory of those years, the personal growth of each victor, the favor of the gods, and Taselak's mutual happiness. And then the dreams diverged into three parallels.

Some dreamt of being ruddy, vigorous folks living in lush forests and luscious hills of abundance and plenty, the women plump and the men burly. The Apple was held sacred as representing their values and serving as a metonym for their community, sometimes rendered as the Golden Apple of Health. These people settled around Ikalak, becoming known as Ikalakians. Drifting into the terrors of nightmare, a Rider Sickness brought an ill feeling to the formerly jovial atmosphere of the dream, plaguing villages and leeching life from the soil that sustained their crops.

Others dreamt of being hard-working, resourceful citizens smithing and tinkering, wise in nature and technology, spirited in debate and brave under trial and tribulations, the women sweaty and the men grimy. Fire was held sacred as representing their values and serving as a metonym for their citizenry, sometimes rendered as the Forge Fire of Invention. These people settled around Taselak, becoming known as Taselakians. Drifting into the terrors of nightmare, a Rider Sloth darkened the formerly pleasant atmosphere of the dream, extinguishing the citizenry's fires and rotting the shafts of their tools.

Yet others dreamt of being shrewd, entrepreneurial persons of opulence, masters of logistics and language, every woman and man clad in the finest fabrics. Fleece was held sacred as representing their values and serving as a metonym for their society, sometimes rendered as the Gilded Fleece of Commerce. These people settled around Sandalak, becoming known as Sandalakians. Drifting into the terrors of nightmare, a Rider Lack brought emptiness to the formerly hedonistic atmosphere of the dream, decaying that which held beauty in the eyes of man and reducing their abundance to nothing.

All dreamt once more together, of fear, paranoia, and mistrust of those others who were not like themselves. Ikalak saw the Rider Sickness in any and all actions of Taselak and Sandalak; Taselak saw the Rider Sloth in that of Ikalak and Sandalak; Sandalak saw the Rider Lack in that of Taselak and Ikalak. Each dreamt of preparation, defending themselves against the others, to prevent their nemesis from stealing their treasures and hope for the future. Ever more distrusting and secretive did they guard their treasures in their citadels protected by soldiers pitfalls and locks. Each building their might so they can land the first blow.

Awakening with a start and in a sweat, everyone found themselves on a new South Island. Had they not been dreaming after all? Had they awoken in the future? These thoughts were given little question as all had awoken with a strong imperative towards preparing for war and domination once more, and there was much to be done. The clattering of spears, the ringing of hammers, marching men in shiny armor were heard and seen in every land.

South Island Reset Coming - posted on Sun Oct 17 at 21:13:38 by Timothy Collett

With apologies for the delay, the reset of the South Island is now scheduled for Tuesday afternoon (US time). Get ready for another all-out war to prove which of the three realms is mightiest!

Recent Changes Oct 2021 - posted on Fri Oct 15 at 22:58:48 by Timothy Collett

Minor Changes
  • The sparse realm penalties will now stack more consistently, and will match the Region Penalty Map better
  • It is no longer possible to set a bounty on yourself
  • The list of Army members will now show class, rather than rank
  • When characters join the realm, a quick link will be available to send a welcome message
  • Some tweaks to taxes, particularly property/wealth taxes (details below)
  • Travel and honour/prestige improvements for tournaments (details below)

A number of bugfixes have also gone live.

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Recent Changes Sept 2021 - Updated! - posted on Sun Sep 19 at 15:01:51 by Timothy Collett

Major Changes
  • Religions that no longer have enough Elder Priests will not collapse immediately; there will be a delay
  • Rogue forces will no longer actively target realms below density
  • Tournament Betting has been implemented
  • UPDATE - The New Message Reader now supports including sent message in any given tab; you can add this by clicking on Edit Filters/Tabs.
(More under the cut...)

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