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Bugtracker Login Integration - posted on Wed Dec 7 at 20:12:40 by Timothy Collett

We are currently working on setting up login integration between the game and the Bugtracker. This means that as long as you have recently logged into your game account, if you access the Bugtracker from the same browser, once we are finished, it should automatically log you into your account there. 

Right now, the Bugtracker username has been added to your Edit Data page. If you already have an account on the Bugtracker, please go to your Edit Data page and check that it is set properly there!

If you do not have one, a checkbox has been added to the Edit Data page allowing you to opt into having one automatically created for you the first time you access the Bugtracker.

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Recent Changes Nov 2022 - posted on Mon Nov 14 at 15:38:42 by Timothy Collett

Special Note

The Hinterlands playtest is still underway, and has received a massive update! In addition, starting later this week, all playtesters will receive 50 gold per month active deposited into the family wealth of their **main family**. This will also be granted retroactively to all players still active in the playtest. Going forward, this bonus gold can go past the 20k family gold cap.

Major Changes
  • Some EC regions have had their gold values increased due to balance issues (Domus + 500, Hamadan + 150, Scio + 200)
  • Density restrictions have been eased, with minimum density decreased from 2.0 nobles per region to 1.2
  • Distance from capital region penalties have been adjusted: It is now crystal clear when a region is too far away to hold, and regions closer than that will see no penalty for distance
  • War Declarations now have separate boxes for reasons and goals

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Recent Changes Early Oct 2022 - posted on Mon Oct 3 at 17:28:57 by Timothy Collett

Major Changes
  • A new map-based option has been added for setting travel
  • The Politics page has been merged with the Actions page, which has also been restructured for better organization
  • The Political Map has been added to the left navbar in its place
...Plus a bunch of minor changes and bugfixes!

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Hinterlands Playtest Open - posted on Mon Mar 21 at 19:06:34 by Timothy Collett

At long last, and with apologies for the delays, I am delighted to announce the opening of the Hinterlands Playtest!

This is open to all players who have been in the game at least 30 days, and you can find the link to create your account, along with further information about the Playtest, in the box to the right of your Heraldry on your player page, underneath the donation options.

Please note that the Playtest is still in Startup state, meaning no turns will yet be run. It will also have much more direct admin intervention, including manual database changes, abrupt code changes, and the like, so please do not be alarmed if you see weird things happening.

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Dwilight Map Update - posted on Mon Mar 7 at 17:06:21 by Timothy Collett

When Dwilight was originally made, the "geographic" map—that is, the one without the region names and borders—of the final version was lost. Over the past few years, thanks to the efforts of some valiant player volunteers, a very close approximation to the original Dwilight map was constructed in the Age of Wonders map editor (the program used to make all the BattleMaster maps), and its borders redrawn to match the slight variations in positioning required by this re-creation.

The fruits of that effort are now live, with the Dwilight map images having been replaced and the data in the database updated to reflect the change. Please note that this will also mean some slight changes in the distances between regions on Dwilight, and that you may need to clear your browser cache if you are seeing inconsistencies in the map.

Many thanks to the players of the Wilde and Felsenbach families for their assistance with this.

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