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Recent Changes Jan 2022 - posted on Wed Jan 26 at 20:14:52 by Timothy Collett

Major Changes
Minor Changes

Social Contract Updated - posted on Fri Jan 14 at 15:11:30 by Timothy Collett

The Social Contract has now been updated with the changes mentioned in the recent gamewide message. This means that all will have to sign the updated contract, so please do not be alarmed.

Hinterlands Changes - posted on Fri Dec 31 at 20:24:53 by Timothy Collett

As promised, here is the high-level list of major changes in the Hinterlands feature package. If you have questions about them, the easiest way to ask is on the Discord server; if you prefer not to use that, the next-best way is to email us.

As a reminder and for those who missed the initial announcement, this will not be going live until after a playtest period, details of which are still forthcoming. As such, some aspects of this will likely have changed by the time it is actually live.
  • The signature change of the Hinterlands feature package is the split of a realm’s regions into “Core” regions and “Hinterland” regions.[1]
  • Core regions have to follow some specific requirements, but are otherwise what you have come to expect from regions owned by your realm.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Hinterlands! - posted on Sat Dec 25 at 20:56:30 by Timothy Collett

I am pleased to announce that the last bits of code for the Hinterlands feature package have now been committed to the repository. While there is still room for some testing and polish, the code is now broadly functional. (For those unsure what Hinterlands is, it was originally described in this old forum post, starting with "For the long term," though the details have changed a bit since then. A full announcement of the changes in this package will be coming soon.)

Please watch for further announcements in the coming week. For now, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and to those who don't, Happy Hinterlands Day!

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South Island Character Creation Enabled - posted on Wed Oct 27 at 16:42:07 by Ethan Lee Vita

Character creation on the war island (South Island) has now been enabled, and the Startup phase, limiting travel to one rogue region beyond the realm, has been completed and disabled.

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