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BattleMaster is a game played from your browser where grand stories unfold created by the interactions and imaginations of players. It focuses on battle, teamwork, and roleplay where the power is in your hands to create your own destiny and alter the course of history, forever. It takes place in a medieval setting where you create a character and join other players in a realm of your choosing. Your character will be of noble blood, start off as a Knight, and as your ambition demands, perhaps one day reach the ranks of Duke, General, Ruler, or more. Your character will fight alongside their realm's fellow nobles against nobles from enemy realms in order to win wars. Cities will be conquered, regions will be defended, and blood will be spilled in the name of honor, glory, culture, and power. Take part in forging alliances, destroying empires, fighting holy wars, and more in an ever changing landscape created by players, for players, where the victors are envied and enter the pages of history.

Battlemaster is a lightweight slow paced game designed to be played alongside your other activities with turns every 12 hours at 6AM and 6PM UTC . Depending on your desires and your characters' tasks, you can spend as little as 10 minutes per day on your characters, or over an hour based on what you want to do, roleplay, and achieve each day. A typical response time to letters and messages is measured in hours, not minutes, and many play Battlemaster from their smartphone while on the go.

Casually fight wars by wielding sword or bow, devise military strategy and lead fellow nobles by commanding the armies of your realm, vie for power among ambitious nobles and realms by engaging in political intrigue, spread your religion's faith and embark on a crusade for purposes only known to you: these are some of the many choices you will make. In Battlemaster, you create your own destiny, and all that stand in your path make victory that much sweeter when you overcome all that oppose you. Join Battlemaster now, every day is another chance for you to attain fame and honor!

Looking to flex your coding skills? BattleMaster is under active development by a focused team of volunteers. We invite you to join us and take an even deeper part in this ever growing universe! New features are regularly added, gameplay is balanced and tweaked, and more is done to continuously improve the game. You can talk directly to the developers at the forum, or on the discord

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Wiki & Forum Maintenance Complete! - posted on Thu Jul 11 at 10:17:30 by Timothy Collett

Update: Despite some detours, the Wiki and Forum are now upgraded to the latest versions!

With apologies for the 1-day delay, I am beginning maintenance on the Wiki and Forum. This should take no more than a couple of hours if all goes well. I will update this news post when the maintenance is finished.

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Wiki and Forum Maintenance Warning - posted on Mon Jul 8 at 10:45:26 by Timothy Collett

Later this week (currently aiming for Wednesday morning), I will be temporarily taking the Wiki and Forum down for maintenance. I will be upgrading each of them to the newest version that all our extensions support. Once that is done, if all goes well, I will be upgrading the version of PHP that the live server is running on from 7.4 to 8.2. This should not have any immediate effects (besides changing the forum theme—the old one is no longer supported), but will pave the way for more improvements to the game and its ancillary sites in the near future.
Please note that while I am updating the forum to the current version, I will eventually be putting it into a read-only state when development time allows. We will continue to support the forum as a reference-only site for the foreseeable future.

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Recent Changes July 2024 - posted on Mon Jul 8 at 10:43:47 by Timothy Collett

  • Account page updates, including a new "Game Communications" box
  • In combat, defensive bonuses and penalties from things like formation and unit type will be stronger
  • Penalties for remaining in Anarchy too long

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Recent Changes May 2024 - posted on Thu May 30 at 16:00:43 by Timothy Collett

Major Changes
  • A "PvE" mode has been added which allows me to mark an island as being unaffected by alliance bloc restrictions for the purpose of fighting against NPC foes
  • A new option for "capital chat" has been added, which allows any noble to stand in the capital of another realm and message the entire realm—and allows any noble of the realm to send a message to the realm plus any foreign nobles standing in the capital
Read on for minor changes and bugfixes!

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Recent Changes March 2024 - posted on Thu Mar 28 at 12:00:08 by Timothy Collett

Highlights: Added purely-RP Cultural Diplomacy options, removed Hatred diplomatic status, and improved population recovery in very depleted regions. 

For the details and other changes, click below!

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