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Some memorable quotes made by players of BattleMaster, mostly on the discussion list:
"I am amazed at this game. It is really a beauty of a design. It's fairly simple and straitforward yet generates a lot of depth. The name for that is art."
-- Mark Gerdes
"I come home every day from a stressful work environment, physically exhausted and mentally drained. Logging on to BM and checking what is going on in the realms I'm in and plotting the demise of the realms opposing us helps me to focus, relax, and unwind."
-- drlundy
"I have seen me so ill that I have not wanted to get out of bed. Then doing so merely for the fact I wanted to know how my characters were fairing. This game is totaly addictive."
-- Mearhinas Traylon
"It's the most fun I've had playing a computer game, ever."
-- Aaron Bennett
"We all love BM as it's clearly the finest online game on the planet [...] never before have I played any game, every day - twice a day, for over a year. And it just gets better."
-- George Thompson
"Today marks one year of playing BM for me. BM surpassed my expectations by a wide margin."
-- PJ Passalacqua
"This is a unique game experience [...] It is more fun than any video card intensive, processor sucking, bandwith hogging MMORPG out there."
-- David Wierbiki
"I'm studying political sciences and the game was introduced to me as a 'tool', a 'political simulation' to understand in practice how society, international relationships, internal affairs and the total of the political attributes function! And of course how some silly persons can spoil an effort of a whole realm-government! I have to admit that the game not only met my expectations but surpassed them by far!"
-- Julie Alexia
"I've been playing this game on and off for a long time, but each time I come back I'm consistently amazed at how closely certain institutions, feuds, and general interactions among characters mimic their real world counterparts. I work in government and have had a lot of exposure to power hierarchies and the like. Seeing the same dramas and plots evolve in a game has made it easier to understand the motives and relationships of various actors/individuals in the real world. It also got me thinking about all the possible parallels that could be drawn between the game world and the real world."
-- Aaron Champion
"when your spouse hates the Cagilan Empire but has never played the game, you've got a problem"
-- Solari
"During my time playing Battlemaster I have been a Soldier, Husband, Father, Widower, husband and father again... This game is part of who I am now. If the game were to go to hell in a hand basket...I would be here playing. I do turn a little red in the face when my friends and Wife introduce me as Wilson, the King of Lukon...but I am used to it now."
-- Valast
"Only been playing this pretty much every day for about 18 years so not sure what I can really say..."
-- James Marshall
"I love this game and have for a few years now"
-- David Bradley
"Fantastic game with a stellar community even after all these years. Looks about ready to be brought into the new age with a new player base. Check it out!"
-- Jacob Sperry
"This game turns a simple interface into the chance for players to create their own epic history together: I’ve been playing for nearly ten years now with no plans of stopping."
-- Patrick Wiley
"Amazing game, with room for all different types of gameplay. Military strategy and battle mechanics, for the thinkers and movers. Immersive roleplay for the creative. Fast-moving political intrigue for the lovers of drama and backstabbing. The option for slow- or fast-paced play, creating a space where people with any amount of time can play. And lastly, the community. I spend just as much time in-game as I do on Discord, talking with the players from around the world."
-- Mark Kaufmann
"well the game is pretty awesome, sort of like being a part of Game of Thrones"
-- Sayantan Saha
"You make friends quickly."
-- Dexter Herring