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While BattleMaster is a free game, running it does take a lot of time and sometimes money (hardware upgrades, power and connection costs, etc.). You can support the game by making a donation.

Since you are not logged in, your donation cannot be linked automatically to a BattleMaster account. If you want to take advantage of the "thank you" goodies, please log in first.

Past Donations:
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 Last half year:
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 Total Ever:
€ 41686

The Details

I give small "thank you" goodies to players who donated, in the form of a "Sir" or "Lady" title for your characters.
These goodies last for one week for every full Euro that arrives in my account (please read the fineprint!).
Whatever you want to donate is fine with me. Just choose any amount you feel comfortable with.

At this time, I can only offer PayPal and money transfers. For small sites like this it is very difficult to find payment services that don't ask for high monthly fees, which would defeat the purpose of a donation system.
If you live in Germany or can make direct bank transactions to accounts with the german Postbank, and would prefer that, please contact me directly for bank details.

What is happening with the money? For one, it pays for the hosting fees that the server this all runs on costs. Donations have also paid for a new server, memory upgrades and other hardware, as well as a week of unpaid leave for me which was spent coding new features into the game.
Most of what's left simply goes into my pockets, as a small compensation for the many hundreds of hours I put into the game.

The fine print

The necessary amount of legalese and prevention of misunderstandings:

It is important that you understand that the goodies mentioned above are as voluntary as your donation. You are not buying or subscribing to the game, and we are not entering into any contract. We call it donation, but what it actually is is a personal gift (because there is no legal entity behind BattleMaster that could accept donations). As such, there are no terms or expectations of compensation whatsoever.

Please note that due to currency conversions and transaction fees, I can not tell you exactly beforehand how many Euros will arrive here. I can only spend money I actually receive, so both the donation counters above and the "goodie timer" are based on that. Yes, you may have really bad luck and end up with €4.95. If 95 "wasted" cents bother you, please keep your money, you need it more than I do.
As a guideline: Paypal fees should be 3.9% + €0.35 or 1.9% + €0.35 from within the EU and some other countries. No guarantee, use at your own risk, read the PayPal fees page for details.

The very fine print, only for lawyers and wannabe-lawyers:
Your donation is a voluntary contribution that buys you no rights whatsoever. It is a personal gift with no stipulations.
By donating, you agree to these terms. By donating you also agree that no amount of legalese interpretation will change the very clear and obvious intention of this text. In case of doubt, you agree to submit to my interpretation.
Location for any and all legal challenges is Hamburg, Germany.
Don't like it? Then please keep your money.

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