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Player Name: Timothy Collett Player experience level: mentor Player play preference: inactive
User ID:3604
e-mail: danaris -at- mac (dot) com
Country: United States
Timezone: GMT -5 (Eastern Time (US/Canada), Bogota, Lima, Quito)
Native language:english
English skills:good
Website: (none)
Motto: "No Glory Save Honor"





Anaris Family
"No Glory Save Honor"
Home: Askileon
Fame: 45
Wealth: 8357
Character Age Sex Continent Realm Class Prestige Honour Titles
Baranion109 yearsmaleEast Continent(rogue)Warrior/Cavalier42156Noble
Duris69 yearsmaleSouth Island(rogue)Warrior2761Noble
Liara122 yearsfemaleBeluaterra(rogue)Warrior2876Royal
Kitrel137 yearsfemaleColoniesAssassinsWarrior2053Noble

Commoner Claimants

Adventurers are not acknowledged family members. A noble should expect serious backlash for claiming a commoner relative and protest heavily any other noble claiming a common relation. You are encouraged to read further on Adventurer Roleplaying.

Character Age Sex Continent Realm Prestige Honour
Gavan119 yearsmaleBeluaterraReven612

Retired Characters / Family Graveyard


Short History of this family:

(alternate views: full history, medium history)
Date Character Name Event
2004-01-05 Anton Began his career in Minas Ithil.
2004-01-09 Ariana Began her career in Ikalak.
2004-02-09 Alanna Began her career in Ikalak.
2004-02-14 Delvin Began his career in Itorunt.
2006-12-15 Phoebe Began her a life of adventure in .
2008-03-21 Ariana Character deleted
2008-03-22 Ariana Retired at age 49
2008-04-13 Anton Character deleted
2008-04-14 Anton Retired at age 58
2008-04-14 Gerad Began a life of adventure in Cagilan Empire.
2008-07-16 Phoebe Executed by Prudent.
2008-07-16 Phoebe Character deleted
2008-07-17 Phoebe Retired at age 36
2008-08-28 Gerad Character deleted
2008-08-28 Gerad Retired at age 24
2008-08-28 Kenarth Began his career in Perdan.
2009-01-07 Kitrel Began her career in Giblot.
2010-12-02 Gavan Began a life of adventure in Caergoth.
2010-12-13 Tyrali Began a life of adventure in Madina.
2011-02-26 Liara Began her career in Carelia.
2011-05-31 Tyrali Killed while fighting Monsters
2011-06-01 Tyrali Character retired
2011-06-02 Tyrali Retired at age 24
2011-08-04 Delvin Character retired
2011-08-05 Delvin Retired at age 74
2011-08-08 Baranion Began his career in Principality of Zonasa.
2012-02-05 Sir Kenarth Anaris (Knight of Ib Killed as a hero in battle at age 44
2012-02-06 Kenarth Character retired
2012-02-07 Kenarth Retired at age 44
2014-03-31 Kheros Began a life of adventure in Morek Empire.
2014-04-02 Kheros Character retired
2014-06-06 Alanna Character died
2014-06-23 Kyra Began a life of adventure in Ikalak.
2014-06-23 Kyra Character retired
2015-12-05 Emigrated to Beluaterra. Gavan
2015-12-06 Emigrated to East Continent. Baranion
2017-04-06 Duris Shared the glorious moment of Taselak's victory during War Island VI