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Player Name: John Reumerman
User ID:35626
e-mail: Reumerman-dot-JP-at-gmail-dot-com
Country: Netherlands
Timezone: GMT +1 (CET - Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Sarajevo (and BattleMaster))
Native language: (not set)
English skills: (not set)
Website: (none)
Comment:The best letter I've received in game ever:

Letter from Samuel II Bathgate
Message sent to everyone in the region Oligarch (39 recipients)
Duke Elric,

Who is here fighting for us beside us?

Who has ever been here fighting for us other than us?

You speak untruths as to who has embarrassed you and your realm when combat is down to one on one.

There was a time that I thought Sirion to be the greatest realm on the continent. Sorry to say but, that was before General Garas left your realm.

Samuel II Bathgate
Knight of Oligarch





Gabanus Family
Home: Rettleville
Fame: 44
Wealth: 19585
Character Age Sex Continent Realm Class Prestige Honour Titles
Gungir21 yearsmaleEast ContinentEponllynWarrior/Hero2159Knight
Geline62 yearsfemaleEast ContinentCaligusWarrior/Hero3233Noble
Glory45 yearsfemaleEast ContinentPerdanCourtier/Diplomat2627Noble
Graccus45 yearsmaleSouth IslandIkalakWarrior/Hero2539Noble
Gilly57 yearsfemaleBeluaterraThalmarkinWarrior3595Noble
Goriad II69 yearsmaleBeluaterraObia'SyelaWarrior/Diplomat2344Royal
Vanya Bluelake50 yearsfemaleColoniesPortionWarrior1535Noble
Goriad82 yearsmaleDwilightTol GoldoraWarrior3184Noble

Commoner Claimants

Adventurers are not acknowledged family members. A noble should expect serious backlash for claiming a commoner relative and protest heavily any other noble claiming a common relation. You are encouraged to read further on Adventurer Roleplaying.

Character Age Sex Continent Realm Prestige Honour
Genny55 yearsfemaleBeluaterraThalmarkin1223

Retired Characters / Family Graveyard

Reinhart III232017-02-122143
Reinhart II202016-10-24516

Short History of this family:

(alternate views: full history, medium history)
Date Character Name Event
2014-02-19 Goriad Began his career in Barca.
2014-02-19 Garas Began his career in Sirion.
2014-05-10 Ginas Began his career in Caergoth.
2014-05-22 Aeneas Began his career in Taselak.
2015-03-13 Goriad II Began his career in Talerium.
2015-10-28 Grikich Began a life of adventure in Swordfell.
2015-10-31 Aeneas Killed as a hero in battle at age 32
2015-10-31 Aeneas Character buried
2015-11-01 Ascanius Began his career in Ikalak.
2015-11-01 Grikich Character buried
2015-12-07 Emigrated to Beluaterra. Ginas
2015-12-15 Giska Began a life of adventure in Riombara.
2015-12-20 Goriad II Emigrated to Colonies
2016-03-02 Ascanius Died in a duel against Giscar Skin Taker.
2016-03-02 Ascanius Character buried
2016-06-21 Giska Killed by the undead
2016-06-21 Giska Character buried
2016-08-24 Geline Began a life of adventure in Vix Tiramora.
2016-09-03 Ginas Killed as a hero in battle at age 36
2016-09-03 Ginas Character buried
2016-09-04 Gilly Began her career in Nothoi.
2016-10-07 Reinhart II Began his career in Taselak.
2016-10-24 Reinhart II Character buried
2016-10-24 Reinhart III Began his career in Taselak.
2017-02-11 Reinhart III Killed as a hero in battle at age 23
2017-02-12 Reinhart III Character buried
2017-02-13 Kilga Began her career in Taselak.
2017-08-27 Goriad II Emigrated to Beluaterra
2017-09-15 Genny Began a life of adventure in Obia'Syela.
2018-03-04 Glory Began her career in Highmarch.
2018-09-24 Vanya Bluelake Began her career in Portion.
2017-04-06 Kilga Shared the glorious moment of Taselak's victory during War Island VI
2018-12-30 Graccus Began his career in Taselak.
2019-11-13 Goriad Emigrated to Colonies
2019-12-12 Garas Killed as a hero in battle at age 66
2019-12-13 Garas Character buried
2019-12-18 Goriad Emigrated to Dwilight
2021-05-14 Gungir Began his career in Yssrgard.
2021-07-25 Graccus Shared the glorious moment of Taselak Undivided's victory during War Island VII