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Player Name: Jeroen Quisthoudt Player experience level: new Player play preference: unsure
User ID:2905
Country: Flanders(Belgium)
Timezone: GMT +1 (CET - Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Sarajevo (and BattleMaster))
Native language:dutch
English skills:good
Website: (none)
Motto: (none)





The Lorganson family from Ar Mosul (East Continent) has a fame of 36 and 3456 gold of family wealth.

Character Age Sex Continent Realm Class Prestige Honour Titles
Hermik132 yearsmaleEast ContinentSirionWarrior1936Noble
Otto85 yearsmaleEast ContinentPerdanWarrior2669Noble
Dunbor122 yearsmaleBeluaterraAr AgyrWarrior41285Noble
Alfons141 yearsmaleDwilight(rogue)Warrior25100Noble
Kamron118 yearsmaleDwilightLuria NovaWarrior/Hero45271Noble

Commoner Claimants

Adventurers are not acknowledged family members. A noble should expect serious backlash for claiming a commoner relative and protest heavily any other noble claiming a common relation. You are encouraged to read further on Adventurer Roleplaying.

Character Age Sex Continent Realm Prestige Honour

Retired Characters / Family Graveyard

knight of402007-08-06??

Short History of this family:

(alternate views: full history, medium history)
Date Character Name Event
2003-09-27 knight of Began his career in Ubent.
2003-10-06 lorgan Began his career in Caligus.
2003-10-20 alittlehopeforhopelesstimes Began his career in Darka.
2003-12-02 lorgan Retired (character deleted).
2006-06-22 alittlehopeforhopelesstimes Retired at age 37
2006-06-22 Estor Began his career in Perdan.
2006-12-22 karhim Began a life of adventure in Greater Aenilia.
2007-08-05 knight of Character deleted
2007-08-06 knight of Retired at age 40
2007-08-06 Mithridates Began his career in Falasan.
2008-03-12 Lorgan Character deleted
2008-03-12 Karhim Character deleted
2008-03-13 Lorgan Retired at age 49
2008-03-13 Karhim Retired at age 29
2008-03-13 Alfons Began his career in Minas Ithil.
2009-05-02 Estor Character deleted
2009-05-04 Estor Retired at age 39
2009-05-04 Hermik Began his career in Ibladesh.
2010-10-08 Dunbor Began his career in Carelia.
2011-04-06 Kamron Began his career in Pian en Luries.
2012-12-17 Mithridates Character died
2012-12-18 Mithridates Died at age 61
2012-12-18 Kaster Began a life of adventure in Melhed.
2013-01-22 Urbarg Began his career in Darka.
2014-06-14 Kaster Executed by Maya.
2014-06-14 Kaster Character retired
2015-06-04 Otto Began his career in Perdan.
2015-12-17 Urbarg Character retired
2016-01-06 Pavel Began a life of adventure in Thalmarkin.
2016-05-03 Pavel Killed by the undead
2016-05-03 Pavel Character buried
2016-05-12 Baldrick Began a life of adventure in Nothoi.
2016-08-14 Baldrick Executed by Duke Akkan
2016-08-14 Baldrick Character buried