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November Family
Home: Vir el Mari heights
Fame: 29
Wealth: 2170
Character Age Sex Continent Realm Class Prestige Honour Titles
Ivan37 yearsmaleColoniesPortionWarrior3289Judge, Baron

Commoner Claimants

Adventurers are not acknowledged family members. A noble should expect serious backlash for claiming a commoner relative and protest heavily any other noble claiming a common relation. You are encouraged to read further on Adventurer Roleplaying.

Character Age Sex Continent Realm Prestige Honour

Retired Characters / Family Graveyard


Short History of this family:

(alternate views: full history, medium history)
Date Character Name Event
2005-11-18 Ilsa Began her career in Alebad.
2005-12-09 Calvin Began his career in Alebad.
2006-12-15 Simon Began his a life of adventure in .
2007-10-06 Simon Character deleted
2007-10-06 Simon Retired at age 26
2014-12-09 Piotr Began his career in Assassins.
2017-05-19 Piotr Character retired
2017-05-19 Ilsa Character retired
2022-05-04 Calvin Died in a duel against Emily.
2022-05-07 Calvin Character buried
2022-05-13 Ivan Began his career in Portion.