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Dwilight Map Update - posted on Mon Mar 7 at 17:06:21 by Timothy Collett

When Dwilight was originally made, the "geographic" map—that is, the one without the region names and borders—of the final version was lost. Over the past few years, thanks to the efforts of some valiant player volunteers, a very close approximation to the original Dwilight map was constructed in the Age of Wonders map editor (the program used to make all the BattleMaster maps), and its borders redrawn to match the slight variations in positioning required by this re-creation.

The fruits of that effort are now live, with the Dwilight map images having been replaced and the data in the database updated to reflect the change. Please note that this will also mean some slight changes in the distances between regions on Dwilight, and that you may need to clear your browser cache if you are seeing inconsistencies in the map.

Many thanks to the players of the Wilde and Felsenbach families for their assistance with this.

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