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Hinterlands Changes - posted on Fri Dec 31 at 20:24:53 by Timothy Collett

As promised, here is the high-level list of major changes in the Hinterlands feature package. If you have questions about them, the easiest way to ask is on the Discord server; if you prefer not to use that, the next-best way is to email us.

As a reminder and for those who missed the initial announcement, this will not be going live until after a playtest period, details of which are still forthcoming. As such, some aspects of this will likely have changed by the time it is actually live.

(1) I recognize that this creates a terminology conflict with the longstanding top descriptor for region control levels. I’m fully open to changing either one, based on community feedback; I simply couldn’t come up with a better term on my own just yet, and didn’t wish to hold up the Hinterlands playtest due to a mere terminology issue.

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