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December 2019 Update - posted at December 06, 2019, 10:44:39 PM by Vita`

Many changes added over the last 6 months are included in this announcement. Many more behind-scenes improvements were made.

New OOC admins-ruler communication channel publicly visible to all players on island
Automatically create statues when ruler moves capital or builds palace
Add average daily sent and realmwide messages over a 3-month period
Colour travel destinations by diplomatic relation
PHP7 Updates
Add Average Noble Combat Strength to Army Info
Base judge's h/p loss for torture on recipient's rank (royal, duke, lord)
Add last updated datetime to Standing Orders
Tweak ranged overkill
Various text improvements

Prevent healing dead characters with scrolls after 2 turns have passed
Fix position lockout from Titans lasting too long
Prevent dead characters automatically healing
Prevent recruitment while travelling to tournament(243 more words) [Read More]

Forum Upgrade & PHP 7 Update - posted at July 02, 2019, 03:03:10 AM by Anaris

We're working on upgrading the version of PHP on the server to the latest (version 7). For the game, we've done some work to see that this should have minimal effects—hopefully all you'll notice is a slight speed increase.

We also have to upgrade the forum to support this, and the default theme we've been using isn't compatible with the new forum version. We're going to be setting up the upgraded version with a couple of different themes besides the built-in one—one darker theme, similar to the current brown theme, but with more of a bluish cast, and one lighter theme with support for mobile browsers. Feedback on this will be appreciated, but bear in mind that there are only so many SMF themes compatible with the 2.1RC2 release.

These upgrades should be happening within the next few days, and this announcement will be updated as we have more specific information.

Spring 2019 Supplemental Changes - posted at May 16, 2019, 08:25:34 PM by Anaris

Major Changes
  • Density Minimum raised to 1.8 from 1.7
  • Indications of alliance bloc size added to some diplomatic pages

Minor Changes
  • Add Donator role for Discord
  • Reduce tournament cooldown
  • Adjust display of buttons for mobile users

  • Fix creating new estate
  • Fix banker's tax overview
  • Fix LostPay calculation
  • Fix autopayment text bug
  • Correctly permit alliance within existing alliance bloc, even if it's above the continent limit

Spring 2019 Recent Changes - posted at April 30, 2019, 11:01:08 PM by Vita`

Major Changes:
  • Implement individualized tax rates
    • Each hierarchy level can set individualized tax rates for their vassals
    • For example, a ruler can set different tax rates for different dukes, same with a duke for lords and a lord for vassals
  • Discourage Adventurers as Scouts
    • No longer display all local nobles to advies, only nobles of greater position and prestige
    • When adventurer uses 2-hour scout mechanic, there is a chance of their capture, similar to scout paraphernalia capture
    • Potential capture consequences include fatigue increase, light wound and fatigue increase, imprisonment, seriously wound, or death
  • Implement a Lemuria Bot on Discord
    • Manages user's realm roles which provides private realm channels and a rulers channel
    • Identifying a user's family
    • And other functionality (come

(241 more words) [Read More]

Discord Bot and Private Realm Channels - posted at April 07, 2019, 08:36:51 PM by Vita`

There is now a bot for the BattleMaster Discord named Lemuria. Drop by and have an admin assign you your family so you can chat to your realmmates in real time. Once an admin assigns your family to your discord account, the bot will update your roles and give you access to the realms of your active nobles. If you're a ruler, you get access to a private ruler channel. There is also a command to identify a discord user's family info, once its been assigned. Type !help to see the list of available commands.