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Haerthorne Family
Home: Xavax
(East Continent)
Fame: 21
Wealth: 1685
Character Age Sex Continent Realm Class Prestige Honour Titles
Llew49 yearsmaleEast ContinentPerleoneWarrior/Hero2545Noble
Iestyn51 yearsmaleBeluaterra(rogue)Courtier2879Royal
Cyneburh57 yearsfemaleColoniesHalcyonWarrior1024Noble
Celyn51 yearsmaleDwilightSwordfellWarrior/Hero2877Noble

Commoner Claimants

Adventurers are not acknowledged family members. A noble should expect serious backlash for claiming a commoner relative and protest heavily any other noble claiming a common relation. You are encouraged to read further on Adventurer Roleplaying.

Character Age Sex Continent Realm Prestige Honour
Avelair52 yearsfemaleEast ContinentPerleone88
Siegfried54 yearsmaleBeluaterra(rogue)918
Bregeswith53 yearsfemaleDwilightSwordfell916

Retired Characters / Family Graveyard


Detailed History of this family:

(alternate views: medium history, short history)
Date Character Name Event
2017-12-26 Taliesin Began his career in Nivemus.
2017-12-26 Iestyn Began his career in Grehkia.
2017-12-26 Celyn Began his career in Avernus.
2018-03-21 Siegfried Began a life of adventure in Angband.
2018-03-21 Abelair Began a life of adventure in Minas Nova.
2018-03-23 Llew Began his career in Vix Tiramora.
2018-03-26 Cyneburh Began her career in Gothica.
2018-03-26 Bregeswith Began a life of adventure in D'Hara.
2018-03-31 Llew Elected as Representative of Tota
2018-04-04 Cyneburh Appointed as Baroness of Drenga.
2018-04-12 Iestyn Elected as Count of Ffangor
2018-04-19 Llew Elected as Governor of Xavax
2018-05-06 Llew Elected as General of Vix Tiramora
2018-05-07 Celyn Joined the realm of Arnor.
2018-05-22 Celyn Appointed as General of Arnor.
2018-05-26 Llew Elected as Governor of Isadril
2018-05-28 Celyn Stepped down as General.
2018-05-28 Abelair Banned from Minas Nova.
Reason: Left her homelands while still a commoner.
2018-05-28 Abelair Joined the realm of Vix Tiramora.
2018-05-29 Iestyn Elected as Count of Junohep
2018-05-30 Taliesin Character retired
2018-06-04 Celyn Joined the realm of Swordfell.
2018-06-06 Iestyn Elected as General of Grehkia
2018-06-17 Cyneburh Founded the religion "The Axiom".
2018-06-18 Cyneburh Banned from Gothica by Edwin Burep.
Reason: Death Knights,

Lady Cyneburh Haerthorne has consciously violated the realm laws by founding and preaching for a new religion. Warnings were properly issued. She by actions is therefore guilty and the sentence is pronounced that she be kicked out and designated as not welcomed in the realm.

2018-06-19 Iestyn Stepped down as General.
2018-06-21 Cyneburh Became a rogue
2018-06-21 Cyneburh Joined the realm of Outer Tilog.
2018-06-21 Bregeswith Banned from D'Hara.
Reason: Left her homelands while still a commoner.
2018-06-21 Bregeswith Joined the realm of Swordfell.
2018-06-21 Cyneburh Banned from Outer Tilog by Johannes Von Lunkhofen.
Reason: Cynebitch, you are about to lose your head because I want to impress Zane, your body parts are going to be sold to the highest bidder and because you think you own the place. 
2018-06-23 Cyneburh Joined the realm of Portion.
2018-06-25 Celyn Appointed as Earl of Huanghai.
2018-07-02 Cyneburh Joined the realm of Halcyon.
2018-07-05 Llew Founded the guild "Isadril Military Academy".
2018-07-06 Iestyn Elected as Ruler of Grehkia
2018-07-06 Celyn Elected as Banker of Swordfell
2018-11-14 Abelair Changed her name to "Avelair"