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Message Editor Inline Preview + Message Saving - posted at May 15, 2020, 09:48:16 PM by Anaris

An update has just gone live with two significant improvements to the message editor, one fairly obvious, the other less so until you need it:

First, by actually using some of the fancy features of the rich-text editor package we just updated, we have implemented a live inline preview of your message as you type it. At present, it should correctly handle everything but Wiki, Region/Realm, and forum post links. (We will be working on support for those in the future.) If you have feedback on this feature, please bring it to the forum. If you find that you prefer the old version, you can click the "Toggle RTE Mode" button at the bottom of the page, and for that device only, it will switch to the traditional white-text-box RTE, and remember your setting. (You can use this to have one on mobile and a different one on desktop, for instance.)

Second, by very popular demand, we have implemented a feature that should make it much, much harder for
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Early May 2020 Updates - posted at May 10, 2020, 10:50:20 PM by Anaris

Major Changes

  • All new war declarations will require a reason
  • A bare-bones HTML message archiver
  • Starving regions will gradually stack up more significant penalties*
  • Update to the rich-text editor, which should allow it to support mobile

Minor Changes

  • Results of training matches will now be sent to the region*
  • Further reduce food production in lordless regions*
  • Default to collapsing player page player info box on mobile*
  • Prevent adventurer creation and War Island character creation from setting a family home region*
  • Tweak sympathy adjustment values*
  • Abandoning a region during a takeover will immediately complete the takeover

Notable Bugfixes

  • A bug preventing supporting takeovers in certain instances
  • Re-apply the prohibition on inter-realm

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War Re-Declaration With Clear Goals - posted at May 09, 2020, 10:56:58 PM by Anaris

Tomorrow (Sunday, May 10), we will be sending live a package of updates that includes support for explicit reasons for declarations of war. We are requiring such declarations to follow certain rules, which can be found on the war declaration page, and the War Declarations wiki page.

We have decided that it is best not to permit any "grandfathered" cases, but to immediately mandate a valid reason for every declared war. We recognize that this is a significant change, and that what we will be doing to enforce this is unprecedented. However, we believe that it is necessary in the interests of fair play and transparency of goals and reasons for war.

On Tuesday, May 12, after the sunset turn, all War statuses in BattleMaster will be set to Neutral (Hatred, too)*. In addition, all nobles in enemy territory will be teleported to their
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New Graphic RP Guidelines - posted at April 22, 2020, 06:58:55 PM by Anaris

BattleMaster is an international game with different cultures and players of various ages. As such, people have a wide range of preferences regarding graphic content. If you are going to roleplay a sensitive topic, like rape, or have detailed descriptions of gore or violence, then you will be expected to provide a graphic content warning at the top of the roleplay—for instance, add at the beginning of the roleplay: "Out of Character Warning: this roleplay contains graphic content."

This will be enforced by the Titans. If you are in doubt of whether or not your roleplay should have this warning, please use one. It is only one sentence and it can spare those who do not prefer reading graphic or explicit content.

In the future there will be a message feature for tagging roleplays as graphic with a click of a button, thus hiding them behind a content warning in the message feed. Readers will then be able to click to unmask the roleplay or have an option to
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Two Warnings - posted at April 10, 2020, 05:29:19 PM by Vita`

We have two matters which are important to give you advance warning upon.

On testing islands, reduced food distribution was not providing a strong enough debuff to the region. Thus, a change was made to strengthen the debuff over time. There should be no immediate danger, but it will build up more. Bankers and lords should keep an eye on any such regions with reduced food distribution.

A change upcoming in the next update will introduce full members of religions and guilds being able to protest an elder out of eldership. There will be prevention of immediately-protesting new full members to prevent abuse, same as one cannot protest for first five days after joining a realm. However, if any religions or guilds have full membership purchasable by aspirants, there will be a risk of essentially allowing a takeover of the institution, same as a large group of characters joining a realm and protesting a week later.