The Status Screen In Depth

This is a very important screen, so I'm going to go through every item on it. You don't need to know all this right away. If it seems overwhelming, hit back and come back to it later. Just be sure to read it at some point. You might have to scroll up and down a bit. Bear with me:

The Status Screen
This is explained in How Time Works in BattlMaster.
Physical Age
This is not that important right now. It is mostly a matter of personal preference. However, eventually players might grow old and die. 
Character Class
You should be a knight right now. This is the default. You should stay as a knight during this entire tutorial. Other classes can be very different to play.
Your position in the feudal hierarchy. You start off as a noble. You can swear allegiance to a lord  and become a knight. Someday you might even become a king, dictator or prime minister, and be a member of the royal family.
Honour is important to a medieval noble. Honour limits the number of men you can command. It also has other effects.
Prestige is needed to qualify to command certain units, to rule a realm and to change to certain classes.
This is money you can spend.
These can be converted into gold in your cities.
"OK" is normal. You might eventually be wounded or captured.
Time Pool
This is explained in How Time Works in BattlMaster.
Right hand column
These are the troops that I command. You can name them anything you want. All of these numbers mean something, but for now you can just worry about your "combat strength". This is a sort of one-size-fits-all measure of how "good" your troops are.